We make breakfast sandwiches born from nostalgia.


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Ordering opens on Wednesdays at noon for Friday & Saturday pick ups. All orders are placed on Tock.


Pick up your order at the Seattle Commissary on Marginal Way. There will be a Hi Helen sign on the building marking the location. The simplest way to find us is to navigate to Hi Helen on Google maps

Orders will be brought out to you at the time of your scheduled pick up. We ask that you arrive

on time! 



scrambled eggs, american cheese, house made poppy seed bun, chipotle aioli






kale, horseradish aioli


pork roll (featured monthly)


changes weekly

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Each week we will allow 5 parties from the waitlist to order before tickets go on sale.

The list will go in the order that people join.

If you cannot come that weekend, we will let you defer to a date you can make!

There will still be a waitlist on Tock that opens the day of ordering.

Shout Outs

"Considering I’m usually up by 6 a.m., this seemed almost absurd to me, but if I’m going to eat an egg sandwich in the afternoon (after probably already eating eggs once?), it’s going to be a Hi Helen sandwich. One bite brought me back to my last New York City visit; a wonderfully squishy bun, ooey-gooey cheese and a kick from that chipotle mayo."

"Eggs? Softly-scrambled, with coarsely-crushed peppercorns thrown in like confetti. Bacon? Crispy and abundant. Homemade poppy kaiser roll? Fluffy, yeasty. American cheese? Perfectly gooey, sticks to the parchment wrapper, and in places is indiscernible from the runny egg. And creamy chipotle sauce? A kick I never saw coming. Behold, the greatest breakfast sandwich you can find in Seattle."

"Critics have been raving about this West Seattle pop-up since it emerged in 2020, and with good reason — the sandwiches are faithful recreations of greasy East Coast deli favorites, stuffed with fluffy eggs, sausage (or bacon) on freshly baked poppy seed rolls."

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