Directions to Pick Up

Pick up is at The Seattle Commissary at 4634 E Marginal Way. Navigate to Hi Helen on Google maps to find. There is a small parking lot accessible going NORTH on Marginal. A large blue sign reading “Seattle Commissary Kitchen” marks the lot. There will be a Hi Helen sign on the building to confirm you're in the right place.


Be wary of your Maps App bringing you BEHIND the commissary building. The parking lot is only accessible directly off of E Marginal Way (Hwy 99).

If you are headed north, it is a simple Right off of Marginal. If you wind up in a large parking lot surrounded by black buildings, you turned right too soon.

Turn back onto Marginal and we are the next right!

If you are South-bound, you will need to turn around so you are headed north!



When you arrive, please wait in the parking lot. We ask that you do not ring the bell on the commissary entrance.

If you arrive at or before your pick-up time, we will bring your food out to

you at that time. If you are at all late, please text us at (732) 272-8036 to let us know you've arrived. We are just keeping your food hot inside and will bring it out as soon as we hear from you!